Fighting for Priority

(Nehemiah 4:14)

“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”

As God lead Nehemiah and Gods people to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem, during the process of building the wall things got busy, there were many distractions and enemies were opposing the work. Nehemiah knew that during the process of building the wall the family had to stay together.

The same is so true today for our families; we can get so busy in life, jobs, and our hobbies with our busy schedules, ball practices, dance practices, band practices, clubs, and meetings. Mom, dad, and the kids are all running in separate directions, and the home is just a sleeping place where everyone says “HI.” We need to thank God for our material blessings and the opportunity to have them. But during this process we have to “Fight for priority in our family.” Aside from God, nothing is more important than our families. God didn’t create dysfunctional families, people did! Satan knows if he can keep us busy, burden, and burned out, that he can win the battle of priority in our lives.

On the TV show, “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” they took a poll of 8 to 12 yr. olds and ask them, “What do you most enjoy about the holidays?” A) Decorating the house B) Spending time with family and relatives C) Receiving presents. What do you think most of the children said? Answer B! If you ask your children what they would desire most if they could have anything they wanted, most kids would rather have our time and our support instead of the latest toys and games. They would rather have our presence at one of their school functions or extra-curricular activities than all the gifts, money could buy. Dr.Phil can’t restore our families, media, or government programs. It will only happen when people make the decision to get back to doing what God said concerning their homes (Joshua 24:14) Is a good place to start. I pray today that God will search our hearts as parents, and if our homes are out of order, we as parents have to point the finger right back at ourselves. It’s our responsibility to make sure our homes are functioning the way that God intended. So let’s stop, take a good look at our priorities, and start putting our focus back where it belongs on the family! Just remember the Lord who is Great, and Awesome, will help us fight for priority in our families!