Beefing Up Your Attitude!

(Romans 8:28)

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, those who are called according to his purpose.”

As a child of God this is the verse we need to stand on in our everyday walk with God, even during times of suffering and trials we can be assured that God is at work in our situation. God has two purposes in his plan: our good and his Glory! In this verse that Paul is writing about he is not talking about some hocus-pocus, abracadabra, raising a magic wand and instantly making our problems disappear. But we do have a God-given assurance that every single circumstance will sooner or later turn out well for those who fully are committed to Jesus Christ. When we understand that, it changes our whole attitude about life and circumstances and our faith and trust in God are turned up to another level. Romans 8:28 is the promise that morphs us into resilient people (It is “God’s dark room” in which negatives become positives!)

We have all seen those type of people, their faith in God really amazes us and they don’t even have to preach, or quote scriptures, no matter what life throws at them they always Praise God and give him Glory!

I was blessed and honored a few months ago to preach a funeral service for Ms. Pat Jones, a precious Godly woman that was a member of our church. The next day in our Sunday morning services her husband, Bro Chuck, thanked the church for their prayers, food, friendship, how God had blessed him with a great wife, spent the rest of his testimony speaking and praising God for everything he has done in his life and how God was working all things out for his good and it was all in God’s plans. Even when this was one of his greatest losses in his life, nothing could ever separate him from the love of God. As I was sitting there and listening I said Lord forgive me for whining about the agitations in life that get me down at times, this man has lost his wife (temporarily) he can still praise you! As a child of God, God is in the ALL of our lives. Nothing in our lives can ever be outside those three letters. Everyone throughout history that has put their faith in Jesus Christ has Romans 8:28 banner over their lives, for God’s people who love him and are called according to his purpose is the flag that flies over the castle of their lives!